House Warming

"Home is the nicest word there is." We are so happy such a nice thing has happened to you and your family! New beginnings. New memories, New home.


“A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die.”


A family portrait looks great on the mantlepiece, or makes a perfect Christmas card. Why not get the family together for one big picture?


We provide photography and videography services for all kinds of events. (Baby Shower, Birthday Parties, Mehandi, Sweet Sixteen, PROM, Dhoti Ceremony, etc)


Knock, knock. Who’s there? Birthday. Birthday who? Birthday cake—Let’s eat!

About me

I’m Tapia Anderson, a photographer with 2 decades’ experience in portraiture and family photography. I’m happy to adjust my style to your tastes, as we work together to get the perfect shot.